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December 2017 Newsletter 

We are aiming to extend our patrol program to the remaining quarter of the island. This is a costly process  but worth in To view more about our East End Patrol Program, the costs involved and how you can help click here

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Who we are:

The Roatan Marine Park(RMP)  started as a grass roots, community based, not-for-profit organisation located on the island of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.

Our organisation was formed in 2005 by a group of concerned dive operators and local businesses united in an effort to protect Roatán’s fragile coral reefs and local ecosystems.

What we do:

The RMP runs a broad range of conservation activities to protect Roatan’s natural resources, including:

  • patrols
  • marine infrastructure
  • education
  • public awareness
  • community development
  • invasive species reduction
  • patrols
  • environmental inspections

The aim of the Roatán Marine Park is to empower the  local community to thrive sustainably alongside our ecosystems treasured throughout the nation and worldwide. Our efforts are delivering obvious returns and our effective management has received global acclaim from marine conservationists. We are now co- managers of the Bay Islands National Marine Park and have 501c3 status in the USA. This means we can receive donations and in return we can offer tax exemption as an incentive to donors.

Contact details:

Patrol Co ordinator:

ph: 9430 3198 email: patrols@roatanmarinepark.net

Marine Infrastructure: 

ph: 94303199 email: nic.bach@roatanmarinepark.net

Education Co ordinator:

ph: 94354945  email: education@roatanmarinepark.net

General enquiries:

ph:(504) 2445-4206/08 email: info@roatanmarinepark

Donations & tax exemption:

ph : 9430 3193 email: donate@roatanmarinepark.net

Shop, paper cups, straws, bracelet sales:

ph:(504) 2445-4206/08  shop@roatanmarinepark.net

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