RMP Southside Infrastructure

With only one full-time staff member working in the office, the RMPSSC attempts to do as much as possible, even with a limited workforce. With money generated from divers paying the voluntary User Fee, the purchase of merchandise, and grants awarded by PADI Project AWARE, the RMPSSC has been able to develop marine infrastructure on Roatan’s southern shores.

Project AWARE has financed two infrastructure projects. The first project resulted in the installation of 16 channel markers at primary channels between Brick Bay and Oak Ridge, and provided 10 yacht moorings for visiting vessels in French Cay. The second project was successful in installing 10 fishing moorings throughout the Cordelia Banks to reduce anchor damage and to assist in the establishment of a Fisherman’s Association for the region. With 30 moorings to maintain, Licario is kept busy inspecting and replacing the dive moorings.