Marine Park Research Projects

We are currently working together with other countries in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef region in conducting research regarding coral reef health and the management of lionfish populations on Roatán. Our future plans include the expansion of our research program to incorporate other non- invasive research of our marine resources.

Research and monitoring are an essential component of successful marine resource management. Besides enabling the RMP to monitor the effectiveness of our conservation efforts, scientific information feeds into our education programs, allowing us to continually improve the information that we disseminate to the public. The more that people understand about the responses of the marine environment to man’s activities, the more they become empowered to participate in our activities and take responsibility for the protection of the marine environment upon which their livelihoods depend.

The core of the Roatan Marine Park’s mission is to protect and preserve the marine life.  We do not support invasive research practices that may have an effect on the natural behaviour of marine species. We only tag turtles that have been confiscated or  specimens that are due for release after rehabilitation as these turtles have already been put under distress and hence the effect is minimal.