Lionfish Derby 2011: Join in the hunt

Sign up for the Roatan Marine Park’s secondLionfish

Lionfish Derby


  • Most lionfish caught
  • Smallest lionfish caught
  • Largest lionfish caught (LONGEST)

For a complete list of rules or for more info, please stop by the Marine Park Office or visit our facebook page

Derby Details

   Sign up for Roatan’s second Lionfish Derby and help control the invasive species population. $20 per team of 2 to enter, $30 per team to enter the whole weekend.

Cash prizes for most lionfish caught in a single day, biggest lionfish (longest) and smallest lionfish (weight). It is not necessary to hunt all days as the catch totals are per day.

May Sat 14th: Start from Barefoot Cay and the RMP office in West End at 7am, return by 5pm

May Sun 15th: Starting points in West End and Barefoot Cay, hours from 7am till 5pm

The Derby will be followed by a Lionfish Cook-Off on Monday May 16th at Coconut Tree Restaurant in West End, starting at 6.30pm. Come show off your culinary skills or just eat. Lionfish meat will be made available to contestants if needed. For more Cook Off information, please visit the Eat ‘em to Beat ‘em events page on the Roatan Marine Park organisation facebook.

All teams should be registered by May 12th. At least one person from each team should attend the Captains Meeting on Thursday May 12th at 5:30pm at the Marine Park office in West End. Teams will not be considered registered until waiver and entry forms have been signed and entrance paid.

For more information please stop by the Marine Park Office in Half Moon Bay or call 2445-4208.

You may dive and/or snorkel while hunting. If diving, at least one diver must have a dive computer and stick to it.

Lionfish may be taken by pole-spear, Hawaiian sling, hand net, or plastic bag. No chemicals are to be used.

Participants are required to carry a thermos bottle on the boat containing hot water for first aid purposes.

Lionfish caught must be kept on iced water in a cooler to preserve the fish and also to neutralize the venom. It is up to the hunters to cut the poisinous dorsal spines off and count the lionfish before presenting them to the judges.

All lionfish must be caught the day of the Derby. The Marine Park reserves the right to use the lionfish for  the cook off at the Awards Ceremony. In the event of a tie, the winning team will be determined by the earliest recording of its lionfish at the Scoring Station.

The Lionfish Derby is an honor system tournament; anyone found violating Derby Rules will be disqualified from receiving any prize money.

Lionfish Cook-Off

6:30PM, Monday May 16th at Coconut Tree Restaurant

Eat ‘em to beat ‘em! Show off your culinary skills or just eat fresh lionfish.

CASH PRIZES for winners!
$5 to enter, or just $10 to enjoy the meals. We will provide lionfish meat to contestants though we cannot guarantee the amount. For this reason, we recommend that anyone planning to enter the cook-off should find another source of meat, i.e. ask a dive shop or friend in the hunting competition

  There are 2 categories: Appetizer / side dish and Main. Contestants may enter more than one dish in each category. The entry fee for each dish is $5 or 3 dishes for $12. Each dish may consist of… more than one part as long as they go together, i.e. a small sampling of amuse bouches, a selection of dips, etc.

Competitors must supply their tools, i.e., knives, cutters, pans and products/recipe ingredients to prepare the recipe. Blue Marlin has graciously let us hold the event and have access to their kitchen but all competitors will be working in the same kitchen space so we recommend preparing as much ahead of time as possible. Please bring a plug in hot plate or cooking device if you can.

We would prefer if people would register by Thursday May 12th but it is not required. For any questions regarding the cook –off or to register, please stop by the Marine Park office located on Half Moon Bay in West End or call 3320-6940.

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2 Responses to “Lionfish Derby 2011: Join in the hunt”

  1. Bob Hickerson Says:

    We applaude your Derby rules! This looks to be the fairest set-up of a Lionfish Derby we have seen to date…only wish we could attend! We have already committed to the Middle Keys Derby here in Florida on May 14 also.
    One thing though in your “Derby Details” you have implied that placing the Lionfish on ice will neutralize the venom…I can speak from a first hand, very painful experience that it WILL NOT neutralize the venom!I have even spoke to researchers who have kept them frozen for months and after thawing, the venom is still active!
    By the way, have you checked out our device we have developed called “The Frapper”? Please see our hunting videos on our web site
    We hope to visit Roatan again soon….we loved our trips there to CoCo View!

    Regards to all, Bob Hickerson, Captain TEAM FRAPPER

  2. » I am Man! I kill Lionfish! Says:

    [...] So far, the efforts to eliminate the invaders has yielded impressive results: over 1700 lionfish were killed in the first Lionfish Derby hosted by the Roatan Marine Park. The second Lionfish Derby is currently underway; you can find more information at: [...]

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