Sandy Bay-West End Marine Reserve By-Laws


  • Wastes are not to be disposed of within a three mile distance of the Marine Reserve.
  • Plastics are totally prohibited.
  • Vessels that do not possess a holding tank are not allowed to have occupants live on board while within the marine reserve.
  • All vessels that operate in the marine reserve must have a logbook.
  • Harpooning of fish is illegal.
  • Divers are not permitted to use gloves.
  • It is not permitted to touch, stand on, take or remove marine organisms which are alive or dead, including: soft or hard shelled snails, conchs, fish or any other forms of life.
  • It is not permitted to throw garbage into the ocean or on the beaches.
  • Cutting down of mangroves is prohibited.
  • Only one diving vessel with its group of divers is permitted to moor at a buoy at a time and to dive there.
  • No diving vessel should monopolize a diving site.
  • The following sports are not permitted in West Bay: water-skiing, jet-skiing and other similar. Within the Marine Reserve, boats should maintain a cautious speed. Also, boats are not to drop anchor or tie up beyond the extension of the dock.


  • Marine vessels driven without following proper precautions in public areas: Fine: Lps200.00.
  • All marine vessels that park at dive sites without displaying proper signs for danger and precaution: Fine: Lps200.00.
  • All medium sized ships and boats, sailing boats, and motorboats that do not respect the orders of those people in charge of the marine reserve: Fine Lps500.00.
  • All divers and those in charge of diving groups that neglect the established and approved regulations set by this municipality in all coastal areas, open seas, and in the marine reserve:  Fine: Lps500.00.
  • The exploitation, extraction, or use of the coral and similar elements of the ocean and beach is prohibited.


  • Anchoring of boats is prohibited on the coralline structure of the reef.
  • It is forbidden to extract living coral matter from the reef, including hard and soft coral, and any other organisms living on or around the reef, including marine conchs.
  • The extraction of dead coralline stone is strictly prohibited, as is the removal of sand and other reef material found adjacent to the reef and on the beach.
  • The use of explosives, chemical products, and other materials that damage the coral system and that cause water contamination and general environmental contamination are prohibited.
  • The use of nets, traps, or any other object on the coral reef is prohibited, as is fishing with harpoons, capturing fish for aquaria, and the fishing of lobster and conchs in the Marine Reserve and in areas which have been declared a protected zone.
  • All proprietors of fishing vessels, commercial vessels, and all water vessels which are present in the seas are strictly prohibited from dumping combustibles, oil, grease, and all types of debris into the ocean as this affects the environment of the community.  He who disobeys this order will be penalized with a severe fine of Lps. 50,000.00.