How To Help The Marine Park

While the Marine Park predominantly relies on the sale of official RMP merchandise (2008: $45,000; 2007: $19,000) and the voluntary “User Fee” (2008: $61,000; 2007: $67,500) as primary sources of income, we work hard at locating other sources of funds to finance the host of projects undertaken by the organization. Grants from international agencies including WWF, USAID, CORAL and PADI Project AWARE (2008: $22,000; 2007: $10,000) have been dependable sources of revenue in the past, however they are not guaranteed and the award amounts vary greatly each application and require matching funds. Snorkel rental (2008: $11,000; 2007: $8,000) is also a reliable source of income and ensures that snorkelers that rent from our eco-store are informed of good snorkel practices.

While the sources listed above pay for the basic day to day running of the Park or particular projects specified in the grants, donations (2008: $3,000; 2007: $6,000) and memberships (2008: $20,000; 2007: $24,000) are integral methods of supplementing projects which would otherwise be cut due to lack of funding. With the majority of expenditures directed toward projects such as marine infrastructure maintenance, Park Ranger patrols, schools education and raising public awareness, there are a host of projects which could strengthen the management capacity of the Marine Park if funds were available. For the RMP to succeed in its management goals, it is imperative that we receive donations and membership to ensure that we continue in our conservational efforts.