Community Development

The RMP conducts local public environmental awareness to residents and tourists through different channels of communication, including informative brochures and signs installed throughout the protected area and at the different points of entry (the airport and ferry terminals). Signs display information about the Marine Park rules and regulations. Also, framed posters incorporating advice on being an environmentally friendly visitor are displayed in certain hotel rooms, restaurants, and dive shops and radio adverts are being aired on local stations.

Our website and recently launched video aim to educate people about our valuable reef and on how to be responsible visitors. Regular workshops are held to enable local stakeholders to voice their opinions over relevant matters and communicate between the different sectors. Regular beach & underwater clean-ups, celebration of environmental holidays and the RMP’s “Bags for Life” campaign are also important ways of raising environmental awareness.

All of these activities have been done with the support of CCAW-USAID, Project Aware, CORAL and WWF.