Become a Sponsor

One of the best ways for a visitor or diver to support the Roatan Marine Park is to either become a member or support the businesses that support us.

Why join the Marine Park?

Business owners, residents, recreational users of the marine environment, fishermen and scientists are becoming increasingly aware that the coral reefs of Roatan are seriously endangered. A succession of coral bleaching events (1995, 1998 and 2005) has caused significant coral mortality and left Roatan’s reefs extremely vulnerable. In addition, the incidence of diseases amongst coral populations has risen dramatically over the past decade. Many of these diseases originate from human-related activities such as inadequate sewage treatment and increased sedimentation due to coastal development. Over-fishing, poaching of protected species, irresponsible development of tourist infrastructure and unsatisfactory urban infrastructure are having overwhelming negative impacts on Roatan’s ecosystems.  Roatan’s reefs are essential for the welfare of the island’s population as well as the health of the global environment.  Coral reefs are truly one of earth’s most important ecosystems and threats to this legacy can no longer be tolerated.

While tourism on the island has shown remarkable growth over the last decade, marine recreation business owners are hearing an increased number of comments from clients regarding the disappointing state of our reef, unclean beaches, and offensive smells. For some, this already translates into a loss of clientele, including valued repeat clients who may favor more eco-friendly destinations for their next vacation. Eventually, Roatan will suffer serious economical repercussions as a result of environmental apathy.

The mission of the Roatan Marine Park is to protect and conserve the natural marine resources of Roatan while enhancing the environment and quality of life within the community through education, creative activity, and services. This year, the plan of the Roatan Marine Park will be to focus on institutional development, surveillance, patrol and enforcement of regulations, enhancement of marine infrastructure, recycling, development of education and interpretation activities, community development, public outreach, research and monitoring.

Your Membership represents a significant step towards our common goal of protecting and preserving our marine resources. Please join us today in our campaign for the future.

Membership Benefits

Members are informed of the Marine Park’s activities, policy decisions, and participate in its events. Members form the General Assembly and have the right to attend all of its meetings, participate in the broader management of the Marine Park and to express their opinions, concerns, and suggestions. In addition, members have the right to vote for and be elected to serve on the Board of Directors.

Duties of Members

Members’ duties include: general financial support of the Marine Park through the membership subscription plan; maintaining good environmental conservation ethics;  respecting the regulations of the Marine Park; attending General Assembly meetings and respecting the agreements made by the General Assembly; and contributing to the conservation of the reef ecosystem and adjacent habitats.