Roatan Marine Park Staff

Giacomo Palavincini: Executive Director

Giaco Palavicini was born in Mexico City.  He has a bachelors in Oceanology  from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.  He has been working with sharks since 2000 in Mexico, California, South Africa and Honduras. He moved to Roatan in 2005 and has been here ever since. He is the founder of Shark Legacy Project a Roatan based organization that played a key part in the declaration of Honduras as a shark sanctuary. He is a 2012 leader in the Liderazgo SAM program.  Is a PADI Master Instructor and genuinely enjoys being in the ocean. With his love for the ocean he chose to make a life as both a diver and a conservationist  and the RMP welcomes him as our new Director.

Nic Bach: Marine Infrastructure Co ordinator

Nic Bach
Having always had a passion for the sea, Nic has strived to gather as much experience regarding the beautiful blue. Whether with Coral Cay Conservation in the Philippines and Fiji, conducting research in the Mombasa Marine Park in Kenya or MOTE marine labs in Florida, or here on Roatan. Nic has always aspired to develop his knowledge in Marine Biology since a young boy. After completing his Masters in Tropical Coastal Management, he began working with the RMP in April 2006. Over the years, Nic has gathered experience in a host of roles including installing and maintaining marine infrastructure island-wide, writing and fulfilling grants, planning and supervising patrols, and developing relationships with the local community. His current concerns (which will effect how much longer he will reside on Roatan) pertain to how the increased cruise ship numbers will affect the island and its reefs.


Tasha Jackson: Eco-store manager

Tasha was born and raised on Roatan, where she enjoys living. As a native islander, her spare time is mostly spent swimming and snorkelling the reefs around West End. For this reason, she chose to become part of the Marine Park staff, and runs the Marine Park Eco-Store. Recently, Tasha was trained in becoming a representative for the RMP through the Coral Reef Leadership Network, a project funded by the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). Being a trained CRLN leader, she will be able to carry out education and outreach programs to target different stakeholders and community groups throughout Roatan.